2021 Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V

Ford Escape

Midsize SUVs are some of the most versatile vehicles on the road. They’re able to combine the space and power of larger vehicles with the efficiency of smaller ones, successfully bridging the gap between the SUV and sedan classes.

Driving the proper midsize SUV, like the Ford Escape or the Honda CR-V, is sure to provide a more enjoyable experience around Wilmington, New Castle, and Newark, DE. So, which one is better for your specific needs? Check out this 2021 Ford Escape vs. 2021 Honda CR-V comparison from our team at Sheridan Ford to find out!

2021 Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V Engine Comparison

Ford Escape

Honda CR-V

280 lb-ft of torque

179 lb-ft of torque


190 horsepower

EPA-estimated 28 city/34 highway MPG

EPA-estimated 28 city/34 highway MPG

8-speed automatic transmission

Continuously Variable Transmission

3,500 pounds towing capacity

1,500 pounds towing capacity

Ford Escape vs Honda CR-V: Performance & Efficiency

The 2021 Ford Escape and the 2021 Honda CR-V are very similar vehicles starting with their powertrains. Since they feature comparable engines, you can expect to be armed with plenty of power in either model.

Torque & Horsepower

Ford Escape Engine SpecsThe Ford Escape does perform slightly better in terms of control, though, by producing up to 280 lb-ft of torque, while the Honda CR-V features 179 lb-ft of torque.

In terms of quick acceleration and responsiveness, this Ford SUV comes out on top again with its available 250-horsepower engine. Over in the 2021 Honda CR-V, the engine maxes out at just 190 horsepower.

Fuel Economy & Transmission

The 2021 Ford Escape and the Honda CR-V both earn up to an EPA-estimated 28 city/34 highway MPG with two-wheel drive.1 So, both vehicles will work hard to keep you from having to stop to refuel. Drivers looking to maximize efficiency can choose a hybrid configuration in either SUV. However, only the Ford Escape offers a plug-in hybrid option.

When it comes to the transmission, the 2021 Honda CR-V features a Continuously Variable Transmission with one mode, whereas the 2021 Ford Escape is stocked with an 8-speed automatic transmission. This will help optimize gear shifting and provide a sportier driving experience.

Maximum Towing CapacityFord Escape Towing

Another aspect of SUVs that make them so fun to drive is towing capability. The Honda CR-V can tow up to 1,500 pounds when properly equipped. In comparison, the Ford Escape can tow up to 3,500 pounds when properly equipped.

With 2,000 pounds of additional towing capacity, you can expect to bring along jet skis, a couple of snowmobiles, or a lightweight travel trailer.

2021 Ford Escape vs 2021 Honda CR-V: Technology & Infotainment

Aside from the performance, efficiency, and towing capabilities of these SUVs, you’ll also want to note some of the interior technology at your disposal. Both vehicles provide quite a few features that will enhance your driving experience.

Ford Escape Technology Features

Sound Systems

The 2021 Ford Escape and the 2021 Honda CR-V both come with innovative multimedia systems. The Honda CR-V features an entertainment system with four speakers and offers a premium audio system with up to nine. On the other hand, the Ford Escape comes standard with six speakers and offers an available 10-speaker B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen.

So, you’ll be able to listen to your podcasts and playlists with higher quality behind the wheel of the Ford Escape.

Standard Safety & Driver Assistance

Ford Escape Safety TechnologyBoth SUVs also offer an array of safety and driver-assist features that boost your senses on the road, giving you more time to react. The 2021 Ford Escape comes with the following standard features and more:

  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Auto High-Beam Headlamps
  • Lane-Keeping System

The Honda CR-V offers comparable features to all of these. One feature you will only find standard on the 2021 Ford Escape, though, is the BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert. It acts like an extra pair of eyes, alerting you if it detects a fellow driver in your blind spot or behind you while you’re backing up.

In the 2021 Honda CR-V, you will need to upgrade to a higher trim level to benefit from this useful feature.

Ford Escape Safety Ford Escape Safety Features

A Helping Hand Whenever You Park

The Ford Escape also offers a convenient driver-assist feature you won’t find in the Honda CR-V. The available intelligent Active Park Assist 2.0 system with Reverse Parking Aid and Front Parking Aid streamlines both parallel and perpendicular parking by handling the steering controls.

Once you come to a complete stop, shift into Neutral gear, and push down on the Active Park Assist Button, the system takes over. Then, if you need to pull back out of a tight spot, it uses side-sensing capability to alert you if you get too close.

2021 Ford Escape vs 2021 Honda CR-V: Seating & Space

Ford Escape Interior Dimensions Ford Escape Interior

Both vehicles can seat up to five passengers comfortably and can carry cargo, both large and small, with adequate trunk space. However, the Ford Escape will allow you to stretch out a bit more, especially up front:

2021 Ford Escape

2021 Honda CR-V

Front Legroom

42.4 inches

41.3 inches

Rear Legroom

40.7 inches

40.4 inches

An Extra Window

One amenity that amplifies fun on daily drives is an extra window through which you can soak up Vitamin D and breathe in fresh air. In the Honda CR-V, you can upgrade with an available moonroof. If you want some truly expansive sky views for cloud watching and stargazing, though, you may prefer the larger Panoramic Vista Roof® offered by the Ford Escape.

Options for Entry

Another feature only offered by the 2021 Ford Escape is the optional SecuriCode™ keyless entry keypad. It enables you to access your SUV by simply punching in your personal code. The Honda CR-V does not offer a comparable feature to this one.

2021 Ford Escape vs 2021 Honda CR-V: Pick Your Next SUV

After reviewing this Ford Escape vs. Honda CR-V comparison, it should be evident that both models are great midsize SUV options. However, the 2021 Ford Escape performs slightly better in terms of performance and offers a wider variety of technology features that quickly elevate your daily drives from the inside out.

Ultimately, our team at Sheridan Ford believes the Ford Escape represents the better choice. Want to learn more about the 2021 Ford Escape? If so, then come in for a tour and a test drive today. We’ll have you behind the wheel and out on the roads of Wilmington, New Castle, and Newark, Delaware, in no time!

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