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Ford Leasing FAQs

There are tons of different places to visit and adventures to be had out in Wilmington, New Castle, and Newark, Delaware, and you’ll need a capable ride to get you there. A reliable Ford truck or SUV will give you the strength, technology, and comfort you need for those road trips. It’s exciting to think about! So, the next question is, how do you start your next ride?

Many drivers have already discovered the perks that come with leasing a Ford model. Our Ford leasing FAQs will give you the rundown on the essential info you need to see if easing is right for you. When you’re ready, our finance team at Sheridan Ford will help guide you through the process!

How Is Leasing Different From Buying?

The core difference between leasing a vehicle and financing its purchase is what you are paying for. While buying involves paying the full value of the vehicle in question, leasing makes your monthly payments more manageable.

This is because you’re only covering the cost of depreciation over time when you lease. Time and use will decrease the value of a vehicle—this is what your lease payments are covering. Monthly payments are simpler with a Ford lease deal, making for an easy and confident drive.

Similarly, your up-front costs are easy to plan for when you lease. Financing often calls for a substantial down payment to start off your payments for the car. When you lease, there’s no such down payment due at signing. You can simply sign and start your next road trip!

What Happens When My Lease Is Over?

Lease terms typically last for a few years before the vehicle is due back to the dealership. After that time has come, you’ll have several options waiting for you to explore. Many drivers find leasing appealing for this very reason.

  • Purchase the vehicle: If you’ve grown attached to your leased Ford over the years and aren’t ready to part ways yet, you can choose to finance its purchase. You can effectively keep the ride you’ve grown to love and continue your adventures in style.
  • Lease the latest model: If you’re interested in the latest technology that Ford has to offer, you can be first in line to experience it. Every few years, you can check out what new features Ford has to offer for your drive.
  • Lease a different model: You may have some exciting life changes down the road—you could be looking to start a family or retire and downsize. Leasing lets you adapt your ride to your current needs. For example, you can lease a Ford F-150 for your work and adventure now and then lease your dream Ford Mustang later.

Leasing vs Buying

Does Leasing Come With Peace of Mind?

You bet! When you lease a new car, you get the coverage of a new manufacturer warranty. These protections often last as long as a typical lease deal. Once your lease is over, you can choose to lease a new vehicle again and have a new warranty to go along with it. When you lease, you’ll always have help on your side.

Learn More About Ford Lease Deals

When you’re looking to explore all that Wilmington, New Castle, and Newark, DE, have to offer, a leased Ford gives you plenty of freedom to do so. Contact us at Sheridan Ford and learn more about leasing a Ford today!

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