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FordPass™: Everything You Need to Know

Centralize all your Ford needs with one convenient smartphone application, the FordPass ™ app. Sheridan Ford recommends all customers that lease or buy a Ford vehicle from us to download this app. The app is available for both iOS and Android users and opens up a new world of connecting with your Ford.

With FordPass™, Ford owners are able to communicate with their preferred dealer, control their vehicle and easily find parking. This is Ford’s way to help make every journey easier.

Once you download the app, enter the important information about your new Ford, like the VIN. Then select Sheridan Ford as your preferred dealer, which will come in handy when you schedule service and stay on top of maintenance in the future.

FordPass ™ is a cohesive central hub that allows you to keep track of and access the following:

  • Parking: Find and reserve parking as needed. Choose the most affordable option closest to your destination.
  • Vehicle Controls: If paired with a SYNC® Connect, lock or unlock the car and remotely start and stop your engine. Check your fuel levels, oil levels, battery life status and tire pressure.
  • Vehicle Information and History: Keep track of your car’s health history.
  • Ford Pay: Easily pay for regular service appointments.
  • Ford Credit Secure Payments: Conveniently make your car payment in the palm of your hand.
  • Ford Guides: If you have any, and we mean any, questions about your vehicle, pull out your phone to access the FordPass™ app and get in touch with a Ford Guide. They have all the answers.

FordPass is available on the 2017 Fusion, Escape and F-150, and more broadly available in 2018 models. Visit Sheridan Ford to test drive a Ford and learn more about FordPass™ today!

Check out this video to get an inside glimpse!

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