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There are tons of reasons to get excited about a brand-new Ford truck or SUV. They offer the latest in automotive design for intense performance and engaging technology to deliver a truly exciting ride. Since you’ve already seen what new vehicles can do, the question then becomes, “How should I get my next ride?”

Our team at Sheridan Ford is dedicated to helping drivers like you find what’s right for them. Our buying vs leasing a car guide explores the advantages of each so that you see what the right move for your lifestyle is. Once you make the decision, you can explore Wilmington, New Castle, and Newark, Delaware, in a stylish new Ford!

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All About Car Leasing

Let’s first look at what it means to lease a car. When you lease a vehicle, you make monthly payments that are more manageable than payment installments. That’s because these payments cover the depreciation of that car’s value over time. A lease term means that the car is yours for as long as the term is made for.

You can enjoy the latest technology with your lease in addition to comprehensive warranties. Lessees have the peace of mind that comes with a new warranty with each lease. When one lease ends—along with the warranty—the next one begins. If constant coverage in case of emergency is important to you, then leasing may be the way to go.

Finally, leasing comes with the advantage of added choice. Once your lease term is up, you have several options as to how your next drive will go. First, you can choose to lease the latest model year and see what new features are available. Who knows what the Ford models of the future may hold? When you lease, you’re first to find out.

You can also choose to lease an entirely different model to suit your evolving needs on the road. If you plan on downsizing a few years down the line, then you can lease an Explorer today and then lease your dream Mustang later. Finally, you can choose to finance the purchase of your leased car after all. That brings us to our next topic.

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Buying a New Car

When you buy a new car, you’re making an investment in your future. Buying means that you own your car, and when you finish payments, you’re in the clear. When you own your car, it’s yours to do with as you see fit. You can make whatever modifications and personalization choices as you wish.

Buying a car is a great choice for drivers who plan on keeping their ride for the long haul. Your vehicle can serve you reliably on the road for years and years, and it can always be at your side when you buy it. Ownership is the most significant perk with buying—the car of your dreams becomes truly yours.

Leasing vs Buying a Car: Which Is Right for Me?

The team at our finance center is ready to help you lease or buy your next great Ford to enjoy in Wilmington, New Castle, and Newark, DE. Contact us at Sheridan Ford to learn more and schedule a test drive!

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