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Oil changes are crucial to your vehicle’s overall health and performance, so keeping up with your routine maintenance schedule is crucial. This not only helps your vehicle run the way it should, but it also elevates the life of your model, allowing you to hit the roads longer.

When your vehicle needs an oil change near Wilmington, Delaware, head to Sheridan Ford! In our state-of-the-art facility, our team of certified technicians will be happy to handle this for you, getting you in and out quickly, so you can continue with your day.

Why Get an Oil Change near Wilmington DE?

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Oil is essentially the lifeblood of your vehicle. It works to keep your engine running smoothly by lubricating, cooling, and cleaning it. The result? Where there is plenty of clean oil for your vehicle’s engine, you’ll see an elevated performance and even a heightened fuel economy.

What happens when you don’t get your car’s oil changed when recommended? Your vehicle won’t perform at its peak or be as efficient. Plus, lack of clean oil makes your engine work harder, creating more friction. This can lead to damage under the hood and an overheated engine.

That’s why it’s best to follow the oil change schedule laid out in our owner’s manual. However, there may be times when your model needs fresh oil sooner. If you do any of the following, consider scheduling your appointments more frequently:

  • Tow/haul heavy loads
  • Drive on dirt roads or cities with high pollution
  • Take long trips
  • Off-road

Signs You Need an Oil Change

Not sure when your set of wheels needs an oil change? Whether you don’t have access to your owner’s manual or you can’t remember when your last appointment was, there are some signs you can watch out for.

The following are ways your vehicle lets you know when it’s time for some fresh, clean oil. When you notice any while behind the wheel, schedule your oil change as soon as possible.Engine oil dashboard warning light

  • Dashboard lights: If your oil change light or check engine light is illuminated on your dashboard, it’s a telltale sign your ride needs new oil. Have your dashboard cleared when you visit our dealership’s service center!
  • Loud noises: Hear a clunking or roaring sound coming from under your vehicle’s hood? This could be your engine letting you know it doesn’t have enough oil. To avoid larger, more expensive repairs down the line, have your vehicle serviced right away.
  • Lack of clean oil: It’s smart to check your vehicle’s oil at least once a month. When doing this, if you find your oil is dirty, thick, and dark or there isn’t enough of it, it’s time for an oil change. You’ll know when your vehicle is good to go when it has fresh, translucent, amber-colored oil on the dipstick.
  • Burning smell: If you catch a whiff of something burning in your vehicle, it’s never a great sign. It could be your engine overheating due to a lack of motor oil. However, if the burning smells like oil, you may have a leak under the hood.

Is There a Ford Oil Change Center near Wilmington DE?

When it’s time for your vehicle to have its next oil change, turn to the pros at Sheridan Ford. Make your appointment today and let us help you keep your ride healthy for years to come.


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