Advantages of Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

November 29th, 2018 by

Leasing or buying a plug-in hybrid vehicle means you can simultaneously reduce harmful emissions that contribute to climate change as well as save money. Check with Sheridan Ford about our availability of the Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Vehicle. Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) are made in limited numbers but pose some great reasons as to why you may want to consider one in the future as they become more and more available.

Better Fuel Economy and Range

Plug-In Hybrids are powered by gas, electric or a combination of the two. On a full charge and full tank of gas, a PHEV can get a better range and fuel economy than your standard gas-powered car. For instance, the 2019 Ford Fusion Energi is expected to get a range of 690 miles. This means you can spend less on gas when you use a combination of gas and electric power.

Additionally, PHEV use regenerative breaking to reuse power. The power used to brake is stored in the battery and reused later.

More Instant Torque

Many PHEV have a more powerful electric motor and bigger battery offering the driver more power to make quick movements instantly. Merge, accelerate and pass cars without any lag.

Federal Incentives

Purchasing a PHEV comes with federal and state incentives. These rebates can be rolled into your finance plan thus saving you money in the end. It certainly pays to choose a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Short Commutes on EV Only

Some PHEV can make short commutes (about 20-30 miles) on electric only mode. Consult the owner’s manual to be sure of the cars range on electric only mode. If you have a short commute to work, or need to run some quick errands, this in an easy way to save gas and help reduce emissions.

Contact Sheridan Ford about the availability of plug-in hybrid vehicles at our Ford dealership.

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