Ford SYNC®/SYNC® 3 Technology: An Overview

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Ford SYNC®/SYNC® 3 Technology: An Overview

When you buy a Ford at Sheridan Ford, your car will come equipped with advanced technology designed to enhance each driver’s travels. One such technology, Ford’s SYNC Technology, creates a new level of entertainment and convenience while driving. With both the SYNC base and updated SYNC 3, there are an array of similar features, like voice recognition and 911 Assist® (contacts emergency services in case of emergency).

Ford SYNC®

Standard Ford SYNC® makes it easy to connect while on the go, whether you’d like to stay connected to your favorite music or family and friends. Using Bluetooth® audio1, simply say what song you’d like to hear (if it’s in your phone’s music library) or use a voice-activated search to find and listen to any song you may not have on your phone.

Say the name of the person or the phone number you’d like to call. There are also buttons on your steering wheel that allow you to do this as well.

Connect the compatible apps on your phone to SYNC® with SYNC® AppLink®. Again, using voice-responsive technology and the buttons on your steering wheel you can do things like “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to a song on Pandora® radio.

Learn more with this video.

View all this information regarding what music is playing or who is calling on the standard LCD screen.

Ford SYNC® 3

Ford SYNC® 3 shares many similarities of the standard SYNC® technology but builds upon it. Voice-activated technology, hands-free calling and Bluetooth connectivity are all included, but this update allows for traffic information, turn-by-turn directions and a LCD touchscreen information display. This update also allows you to control your climate.

AppLink® with SYNC 3 lets you listen to music apps and even order a pizza on the go. Connect to your Alexa to access voice navigation, traffic updates and even Amazon Prime.

Learn more about AppLink with this video.

SYNC® Connect powered by FordPass

Centralize all information about your car in the palm of your hand. If your vehicle is equipped with SYNC® Connect, use FordPass™ to remotely access your vehicle. Keep track of its location, fuel levels, status. remotely lock/unlock and remotely start/stop the engine. Take it to the next level and schedule engine start times so your car is properly cooled or heated depending on the weather and time of year. SYNC Connect acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices, so you and your passengers may always stay connected.

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  1. You must have a Bluetooth®-enabled phone paired to your SYNC® system.
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