Sedans or SUVs at Sheridan Ford

October 18th, 2018 by

As you take the time to decide what new Ford vehicle at Sheridan Ford you’d like, take a moment to decide whether a sedan or SUV better fits your needs. Your driving habits, commute length, family size and budget may factor into the type of car you decide on.

At Sheridan Ford, we’d like to help you make this decision.

Choose a Ford SUV if:

Consider the type of terrain you drive on. If you work in a hospital, at a fire department or a police department, you may be in a situation that requires you to get to work even in the case of a blizzard. A 4WD-equipped Ford Escape or Ford Explorer will certainly be more beneficial than a Ford Sedan because they are designed to maintain traction control and better handle inclement weather.

A Ford SUV with 4WD might also fit your needs if you enjoy getting off-road. Get your Delaware beach driving tags to drive on one of the designated beaches and do a little surf-fishing or just relax by the ocean with your family.

If you need more seats for your growing family, a Ford Explorer or Ford Expedition might suit your needs. The Explorer offers seating for seven and the Expedition offers seating for up to eight.

A crossover, like the Ford Escape or Ford Edge , also gets great fuel economy and offers a little more room for a family of four than a sedan might.

Choose a Ford sedan if:

If you have a smaller budget and want better fuel economy, consider a Ford sedan. Consider the Ford Fusion, Ford Focus, Ford Taurus or Ford Fiesta. These sedans vary in size and offer many great features.

Commuting a lot for work? A sedan generally gets better fuel economy and has a better range. The Ford Fusion and Ford Taurus both offer more space than the Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta, so for a family of three or four, either the Fusion or Taurus are regarded as a good car for the family.

Furthermore, the Fusion offers a hybrid option for the economically and environmentally minded.

The compact Focus or Fiesta may be better suited to a single person looking for a good deal.

The Ford Mustang, closer to the sedan category, is in another class of its own. If you’re looking for the ultimate performance car and sporty feel, look no further than the iconic Mustang.

Now that you’ve narrowed down your decision, have listed out your needs and know your budget, visit Sheridan Ford to test drive your next new Ford!

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