Used Cars at Sheridan Ford

January 3rd, 2019 by

Consider a used car or certified pre-owned vehicle from Sheridan Ford. For the car buyer on a budget, a used car will save you more money than buying a new car. New cars depreciate greatly in value once you drive it off the lot, so doing some research into a gently used vehicle that may only be two or three years old could benefit your wallet, and allow you to get many years out of the used vehicle.

Sheridan Ford’s used selection consists of both pre-owned cars and certified pre-owned vehicles. These certified pre-owned Fords have been certified, inspected and restored to the Ford manufacturer standard, and often come with extended warranty protection. Additionally, some certified pre-owned vehicles are returned leases. These cars typically have lower mileage and are newer models due to lease agreement lengths. You have the opportunity to find a model that has the same bells and whistles of the latest, brand-new counterpart.

Each used car at Sheridan Ford also comes with a free Carfax report. This report includes information on the vehicles history, such as:

  • Number of previous owners
  • Previous registration status (leased, owned, work, personal, etc.)
  • Accident, flood, repair, Lemon Law history
  • Mileage validation

Having the car history reports provides less of a risk when buying a used car, as it gives you more insight to what the car has been through in previous ownership.

Sheridan Ford has used vehicles as new as the 2018 model year! Visit our Ford dealership in Wilmington, Delaware to learn more about our used cars and your finance options. Go See Joe!


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