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Brakes are an essential part of your vehicle. They make sure your car stops properly, keeping yourself, your passengers, and other motorists safe. You might not be sure when it’s time for a brake repair or what brake repairs involve.

To help answer those questions for drivers from Wilmington, New Castle, or Newark, DE, Sheridan Ford has put together this page.

Brake Repair near Newark DE

Brake Repair near Wilmington DE

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

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Signs You Might Need Your Brakes Repaired

There are a couple of signs you can keep an eye (or ear) out for when you’re driving that will let you know your brakes might need to be repaired.

One of the easier-to-catch signs is the brake warning light on your dashboard. The brake warning light tells you there is a malfunction somewhere in the brake system that might need to be repaired. Bring it in to your technician as soon as you can.

A sign your brakes might need to be repaired that you can hear is a screeching, grinding, or rubbing noise when you brake. These noises can be a sign that your brake pads are worn or that there is damage to part of the brake system.

If you feel vibrations or pulsing in your steering wheel when you brake, this might be an indication that something is wrong. It can be a case of warped rotors. Our technicians will be able to let you know!

Our Service Center

When you need brake repairs or other important vehicle maintenance, our service center is here to help. Our team is prepared to take on whatever care your vehicle needs.

If you need a brake repair, our team will look and get an idea of the problem. We’ll let you know what’s going on and get to work on the repairs. Our technicians use genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Ford parts, so any replacements we need to make will generally last longer and fit your Ford better.

Get Your Brakes Repaired With Us

If you think your Ford might need brake repairs or a replacement, come by the service center at Sheridan Ford. Our technicians are happy to work with Wilmington, New Castle, and Newark, Delaware, drivers and answer whatever questions about their Ford’s brakes they have. Schedule a service appointment online or by phone today!

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